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Property Management Services

BEST INDIA PROPERTIES has launched property management services for NRI's regarding their properties in India. This service is provided through Prime Tree Property Managers, our partners in India.

PrimeTree Property Managers has been established by a group of professional who have collectively over 40 years of experience in areas of real estate, banking and law. The firm exists to deliver high level of quality service and create success for our clients. Our team is fully committed to providing you a highly skilled level of property management services. We promise quick response times, consistent communication and a state of the art software that will give you complete peace of mind. In fact we will make sure that you spend less & less time and do little or no work on your property investments.

We offer

  • Property Management Services: For a small fee, we can advise, manage and oversee the maintenance activity of a or multiple properties in India. This would include regular upkeep and associated and ancillary activities – payment of taxes, and other utility bills, managing tenants, maintaining records etc.
  • Leasing Services: We could help you lease out your properties and manage the entire lifecycle. This would include evaluation and marketing of the property, managing tenants and collections from them as well as documentation and legal services.
  • Concierge Services: We undertake to advise you and oversee and manage, what needs to be done, if any, in your property. These could be major or minor repairs, (such as seepage, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting, white-washing, modifications etc), renovation and refurbishment, if so required.