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Property Management Services

While investment in real estate contributes about 60-80% of an investment portfolio, management of it is left basically to the individual/investor. Property requires regular upkeep and associated and ancillary activities – payment of taxes, and other utility bills, management tenants, general upkeep such as painting, minor repairs, major repairs, slight modifications to suit tenants etc, - which is time consuming. We manage your property portfolio to make it hassle free.

We assist investors in leasing their properties. We try and do this in the shortest possible time, while keeping in mind some important aspects, such as quality of tenant, background and highest rentals possible.
The process entails inspecting the property for location and size, getting an updated market value for rental. This is followed by discussion and update to the Investor and gauging expectations. Suitable tenants are sought through distributors, channel partners and broker network and property details etc may be shared.

Concierge Services are aimed at making the management of property absolutely hassle-free. We undertake to advise clients on what needs to be done, if any, with their property. These could be major or minor repairs, renovation and refurbishment, if so required. We provide a network of licensed, bonded, qualified and fully insured contractors who would provide the best price. The service of Concierge is available to clients who have already opted for the Property Management Services. Concierge Services will however attract additional charges. The service of the Concierge will be available on cost + management fee basis. Management fee will typically be a % of cost.

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